About Spottbox

Measuring and monitoring in real time is an essenial tool in a world of short global communication lines. Therefor Blue1 developed a complete telemetry system which covers hardware, communication and visualization in function of our customers needs. The SpoTTbox system enables you to optimizes your production, your distribution and your stock levels to ensure continuity and cost efficiency. The system is based on M2M communication which is eliminating the distances of our global economy.


Blue1 can offer a complete scale of hardware to enable an accurate data capturing. Through a suitable sensor, in accordance to the medium, the data will be capturedand will be transferred over the air by the SpoTTbox. All sorts of data can be captured from heights, temperatures, volumes, ... Every signal in a range of 4-20 milliamps or 1-5 volts can be transferred to and visualized in the back office. Every devise has 1, 2, 3 or 4 analogue inputs and is expandable to ....


Blue1 provides a worldwide coverage with only 1 sim card based on 1 price. This gives you as a customer a complete transparency about the communication costs.Every communication is based on GPRS or SMS technology. Every sim card is configured for global roaming through more than200 partner-providers.


All collected data is stored in a secured database and can be visualized on a dedicated web based open source back office. The back office enables you not only to consult but also to sort, analyze and validate the captured data through advanced search engines. Specific or personalized features can be engineered and integrated on demand to optimize the integration in to your current process

Service and maintenance

To make sure that the readings and volumes are and stay accurate, Blue1 provides you with the necessary service and maintenance on distance through our bidirectional communication with the devices.

Blue1 does not only support its customers on distance but also on site if a hardware failure should occur which can’t be resolved on distance. All of our service and maintenance is carried out by Blue1’s highly trained service engineers and technicians to ensure the fastest recovery of your operations.

To enable you to focus on your core business and activities, Blue1 provides you a complete solution. From installation, to communication and visualization with the necessary after sales service.


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