BlueBox Smart

BlueBox Smart

The Blue1 BlueBox-Smart is specially developed for transport companies who want to purchase their AdBlue in bulk deliveries with a price advantage as a result. This solution, which offers an optimal combination between price and quality, is engineered and built according to the highest quality standards, to make sure that your AdBlue keeps its 100% purity.

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BlueBox Smart product range

The Bluebox Smart can be delivered in a Single or Double execution. The Bluebox Smart Single is single walled system for inside storage, the Bluebox Smart Double version is a double walled and climatized system with an internal heating system to keep the Adblue above its freezing point.

Installation of the unit

As the unit is developed for plug and play purpose, no precautionary actions have to be taken besides a regular power supply and a flat surface.


All piping is approved up to 10 bar and is always in Stainless Steel.

Filling up the unit

The Dry Disconnect Coupling makes sure that all deliveries will occur without leakage.

Filling up your SCR-truck

The unit is equipped with an automatic nozzle. A standard hose length of 5m which gives you the necessary flexibility to fill up your SCR-truck in a safe, fast and cost-efficient way.


BlueBox Smart Single: LxWxH= 225cm x 102cm x 230cm
BlueBox Smart Double: LxWxH= 282cm x 120cm x 236cm