Blue1 Budget Line

Blue1 Budget Line

The Blue1 Budget can be delivered in a Single or Double execution.

The Blue1 Budget Single is single walled system for indoor storage, the Blue1 Budget double version is a double walled and climatized system with an internal heating system to keep the Adblue above its freezing point and suitable for outdoor storage. The systems can be delivered in a volume of 2000L, 3000L and 5000L

Blue1 Budget Line.pdf

Installation of the unit:

As the unit is developed for plug and play purpose, no precautionary actions have to be taken besides a regular power supply and a flat surface.

Filling up your SCR-truck:

The unit is equipped with an automatic nozzle. A standard hose length of 6m which gives you the necessary flexibility to fill up your SCR-truck in a safe, fast and cost-efficient way.

Standard configuration

· Electronic counter
· Automatic nozzle
· Dispensing hose 6m
· Heating in case of Blue1 Budget double