Blue1 MID BOX Forecourt Solution

Blue1 MID BOX Forecourt Solution

The BLUE1 Mid Box is an AdBlue Solution which is developed for MID retail applications (weights and measurements approved) in accordance to the needs of existing petrol stations. One of those needs is the fact that limited space is available for new and extra infrastructure and as a consequence the AdBlue solution needs to fit into the existing configuration of the station. Therefore we developed a solution with integrated dispenser with a size advantage as result and which can be connected to all common POS-systems.

This solution, which offers an optimal combination between price and quality, is engineered and built according the highest quality standards, to make sure that your AdBlue keeps its 100% purity.

Download PDF MIDBOX 1000L - 15000L

Download PDF MIDBOX 1000-XS


The housing is built up out of insulated fibreglass reinforced sandwich elements and is divided into 2 compartments:
· Compartment 1 is completely liquid tight and acts as a bund
· Compartment 2 is the technical compartment in which the unit can be serviced and filled up through the side fill.

Filling up the unit:

The unit is filled up through a front fill compartment in stainless steel.
The Dry Disconnect Coupling makes sure that all deliveries will occur without leakage and on the other hand the overfill prevention will make sure that an overfill of the unit is impossible.

Level indication:

The volume inside the unit is constantly monitored and is shown off on a display.
Connection to Point Of Sales:
The unit can be connected to all different types of point of sales.


All piping is approved up to 16 bar and is always in Stainless Steel.