Blue1 Ecoline

Blue1 Ecoline

The Blue1 Ecoline is specially engineered for the fleet owner or workshop to fill up the AdBlue of their new SCR vehicle in a: Fast, Easy, Controlled, User-friendly, Safe, ... way. The Blue 1 Eco-line is a 1.000L to 15.000L installation which is very user- and maintenance friendly to ensure the continuation of your tanking operations. This solution, which offers an optimal combination between price and quality, is engineered and built according to the highest quality standards, to make sure that your AdBlue keeps its 100% purity.

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The housing is built up out of insulated fibreglass reinforced sandwich elements and is divided into 2 compartments:
  • Compartment 1 is completely liquid tight and acts as a bund
  • Compartment 2 is the technical compartment in which the unit can be serviced and filled up. The dispensing unit is integrated into this compartment.

The temperature inside the unit is constantly controlled to ensure the operational temperature of the AdBlue.

Filling up the unit

The unit can be filled up through the door at the side of the unit which gives access to the technical compartment of the installation. The Dry Disconnect Coupling makes sure that all deliveries will occur without leakage and on the other hand the overfill prevention will make sure that an overfill of the unit is impossible.

Filling up the SCR truck

The unit is standard equipped with a hose retraction system with a hose length of 8 m and an Elaflex nozzle which is mounted behind an insulated stainless steel door. A counter with display is standard foreseen on the unit.
The unit can be equipped for double sided dispensing.

Connection to fuel management system

The unit can be connected to all kinds of fuel management systems.

Level indication

The volume inside the unit is constantly monitored and is shown on a display.


All piping is 16 bar approved and is Waaslandlaan 24 always in Stainless Steel.